The Flea

flea.jpg I have just found out that my dog has brought a flea into our house and I am trying really hard not to be mortified. The reason being that I just reread the 1st and 2nd chapters of the Gita and it basically says that I should ” be unmoved by sensations”. The great thing about the Gita is that you can pick it up at different times of your life and it will mean different things to you. However, the non-attachment part has always been difficult for me. I am attached to my body, my mind, this life. Although sometimes it can be hard to bear, it is simply wonderful. Besides my yoga practice, one of the things I like to do to help me get over my fear of death and attachment to the material world is to think about what Woody Allen says at the end of “Hannah and her sisters”, about living life and laughing and enjoying it while it lasts. That also seems to be the message of these first two chapters of the Gita. When Arjuna does not want to fight Krishna tells him that if he isn’t part of the battle ( life ) he will not reach heaven. So I think I’ll start with the little things tonight and think of this flea as not merely an annoyance, but part of this wonderful thing we call life.


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