Hi Everyone out there…

I have been a bad blogette. Things have picked up for me… which is not a problem, I am not complaining. However, I have not had much time to spend reading, and I do have a couple of books I am reading besides the Bhagavad Gita… Heat by Bill Buford, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Teaching Yoga by Donna Farhi. I love reading and going to Barnes and Noble and buying books, magazines, etc. The magazines I do find easier to find time for because I like to read them in the bath and in transit. But when you are trying to read something like Einstein which is like 800 pages (400 of which I have read), it’s a little hard to lug around.

Things have been really wonderful… as I write this my too good to be true boyfriend Gregory is making us his famous “Mario Batali” tomato sauce while the Ramones is playing in the background. It’s been two months in Philly and this city has really welcomed me with open arms. I am a little sleepy right now to continue typing, but I will not let too much time pass before I write again. If any of my friends, family or yoga students are reading this, I’d love to hear from you…


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